They say I was born in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa in 1968. 
As a young child I spent most of my free time on the beach or in the surf. I have always been enchanted by nature and its beauty with a particular passion for the sea and it's sea life.
My high school career was spent at Grey high school in Port Elizabeth. It was here that my creative talents and my passion for art started to take shape. ​

During my year with National service I was placed with media department, doing posters, banners, sign-writing and sand models on the border, and more. It was here that I got to explore many different materials.
I then went on to Europe and America for a few years exploring different architecture and design. Also getting involved with a lot of wood working.

In 2002 I visited Australia where a good friend taught me magical art of bronze casting. I fell in love with the unique properties of bronze and have derived huge satisfaction in pushing it to the limit of it's endurance and can now achieve the appearance of weightlessness through sheer strength, resilience and counter weight.

I feel strongly about our environment and the life task I've been given to protect it and bring awareness to it.

In 2006 I opened my gallery in Plettenberg Bay, which is still running today, displaying all my work. 
I have a studio on a small holding out of town on the bitou river where do all my creating.

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